We are full service ADVERTISING AGENCY, providing 360 degree marketing communication solutions.

Our focus is on generating compelling ideas that solve business problems and help companies capitalize on market opportunities. Our strengths, we believe, lie in being strategically sound and creatively provocative. We like to work on ideas unrestrained by media, and we pull out all stops to make these ideas come alive, across all platforms - traditional, digital and experiential.

Strategic Planning: We craft strategy to evolve a brand promise that is not a superficial creative solution, but one that runs much deeper and is true to the organization. We also believe that the role of brand management - and its various components, such as branding, engagement and marketing communication - should always be aligned to the big picture as it were, and the broader role of strategic planning.

Creative Development: The beating heart of edvaiz will always be the ideas we generate to help solve brands' issues. We like to keep things simple, connecting consumers to brands in compelling ways, without frills or foppery. Our commitment to making ideas happen also means we often bring special talent on board when the task demands executional capabilities that go beyond our own. At edvaiz, design plays a pivotal role in helping us define brands visually. Our attempt has always been to go beyond the superficial to reflect what brands really are.

Technology, Development and Media: Our decision to also develop digital and social media solutions in-house was born out of the need for greater control over how some of our brands express themselves in new media. This allows us to ensure synergies across communication platforms. Our basket of services includes website design and development, SEO and analytics, social media management, online advertising, app development, UX design, and mobile marketing.

Activation and Experience Design: In an age where the attention span of the consumer extremely short, brands to come alive in such an enviroment is a challenge and We offer to do this with not just ideas but also the ability to make them happen.



We create effective advertising campaigns for Print Media, Electronic Media, Outdoor Media & Online Media


Passionately enriching brand experiences and offer a unique & truly integrated approach to branding.


Design & Develop techonologically rich websites that is accessable on all the devices effectively.


We focus on creative campaigns to grab attention of online crowd and deliver the message with ease.


We provide effective and engaging strategy based content to connect brand with their audience.


We provide Design & Installation assistance for Stall Fabrication & Venue branding.